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Le Patissier

San Marin Plaza Shopping Center, Novato, California

Montecito Shopping Center, San Rafael, California

Client Goals

The client wished to expand their baking goods wholesale company into several retail and café shops where they could sell their high-end line of products.


I designed this French Bakery for two locations, and I gave both cafés branding similarities to remind customers that they are at Le Patissier.

The Montecito bakery is an indoor café with its seating and retail spaces defined by the floor pattern and the soffits. I designed custom display-cases for dry and refrigerated goods which, after some design modifications, I also incorporated into the San Marin Plaza location.

The San Marin bakery is also indoors, but it mimics an outdoor streetscape, including a clock tower, period streetlights, sidewalks defined by marble tiles, awnings resembling window shops and roof-top balconies. The back-drops at the upper level were built on a reduced scale and add both a sense of perspective and a theatrical feel to the space.