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Westin Berkeley

The Westin Berkeley redevelopment project, Berkeley, CA

Project History

The redevelopment project for the Westin Berkeley occupies a full block at the Arts and Entertainment district in Downtown Berkeley.

The existing buildings date from 1910 when the original Shattuck hotel was built; from 1914 when the hotel expansion and the Hinks Department Store, now the Shattuck Cinemas, were completed; and last, when the 1957 Hinks Department Store addition, now an office building, opened its doors at the corner of Allston and Harold Ways.

Project Design

The proposed design calls for a bottom up renovation and restoration of the historic Building and a two stories infill addition at the rear of the hotel. Above the office building, a new 3rd and 4th floor addition will house guest’s rooms. The new structures are designed to have historical connotations in Mission Style, which harmonize with the Shattuck Hotel and the Old Hinks Department Store’s Spanish architecture.

The intent of the design is to create a 21st century, 5 stars hotel in a 1900’s landmark, where elements of the past will embrace the future and the old parlors that vanished with time are replaced by elegantly appointed salons, which lead to a state of the art conference center and meeting areas.

The new architectural elements in the design strengthen the identity of the whole block and define the Westin Berkeley’s place as a City Landmark and an integral part of the Downtown Area.