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660 Bridgeway

Jewelry by the Bay

Client goals and building history

My client’s objective was to transform part of this 1935 concrete and wood Quonset Hut into an elegant, airy space, appropriate for his tenant’s Sausalito boutiques. It was built to house the earliest Sausalito supermarket, the Purity Market. In 1968, the building was converted into a shopping arcade, when an intermediate floor in the “pole and heavy timber” style was added.

Design focus

Our design focus was to create the open and airy space that the client desired by exposing the old concrete structure and concealing the poorly-detailed 1968 addition. Additional goals included structurally retrofitting the building, enhancing the facade and designing the interior of the retail shops.


By uncovering the old concrete structure and utilizing sculpted shapes to conceal the poorly-detailed addition, we transformed a design weakness into a strength. In the Jewelry by the Bay boutique, for example, I incorporated one of the old Quonset Hut arches into the design, making it appear to be a column that supports the new curvilinear soffit. Built of wood frame and sheet rock, the sculpted shapes conceal the unsightly heavy timbers and unattractive hardware of the former structure. I used rounded corner bead to soften the edges of the multi-level soffits, creating swirling, soft shapes to visually increase the width of the store and enhancing the femininity of the space. The extensive use of glass at the window shops add transparency to the building and reveal the original Quonset Hut structure.